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The 2021 Calendar of Society Events


Congratulations to John Carter for 21 years voluntary service 16 with the Society. Thank you.

  • Congratulations to the Methven Historical Society for their Heritage Trail Walk. The Museum on Main Street is open from 2pm to 4pm Tuesdays and Friday20191021_091729 (3)
  • Like many conferences and meetings, we are sorry to inform you that the Bi-Monthly meeting for August HAS BEEN CANCELLED due to the difficulties of maintaining Level 2 restrictions for the specific programme that had been planned. Please phone a committee member with any questions.
  • NEWSLETTER ARCHIVE: You can view the April 2019 Newsletter HERE:


View an amazing new resource on British and World history written for free use by Dr Derek Waldie.

You might also be interested to read about the ‘restructuring at Te Papa and its implications for historians and museums HERE and HERE 

If you are interested in some information surrounding the historic Chinese settlement in Allens Rd click here: APPENDIX TWO Illustrative Set Final Ashburton Chinese settlement 


1.  This piece from Papers Past is worth a read. It tells us that learning local history and history in general has always been an educational/political/power and control issue. What, how and why should our children be learning about history? Click on the following link:

2.  The following link is an interesting narrative on why we need to study history. Feel free to post your own thoughts to the committee if you wish.